“Don’t Tell My Child to Whisper”

By: Kanesha Barnes

So often I hear educators say “Why can’t these kids whisper? Why do they talk so loud?” I think we have to realize who and what we are talking about. Who created whispering, and who says whispering is always the best method of communicating. Who makes whispering a norm, and why is it a problem when students “can’t whisper”

As an educator of color, and a black woman I have heard “Why is she so loud? Why is she so angry? Why is she so ghetto? Is she ratchet?” Being expressive is not loud, angry, ghetto, or ratchet,  “It’s Expressive.”

When it comes to education, don’t tell my kids to whisper, their voices aren’t meant to be muted. As an educator, our job is to ignite their passion, fire their love, let them speak, they must be heard. CHANGE THEIR FOCUS, CHANGE YOUR FOCUS. “Don’t tell my kids to whisper.”

My kids must speak, because their VOICE MATTER. My kids must speak because if they don’t, then who will. My kids must speak, because they need advocates. “Don’t tell my kids to whisper”

My kids must speak for

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2 thoughts on ““Don’t Tell My Child to Whisper”

  1. This is so true! Being an educator myself I believe a talking classroom is a growing classroom. I must say sometimes I do remind my students to whisper at certain parts of the day because some children just cannot concentrate when voices are above a whisper. But I completely understand this article and I love it!


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